Tattoo Addiction

Can people really become addicted to tattoos? That depends on how you define ‘addiction’. In a strict medical sense, what we commonly call a ‘tattoo addiction’ may actually be more of a passion. If, however, we broaden our view of what constitutes an addiction, then there are several factors that could contribute to a tattooing addiction.
Most tattoo enthusiasts view tattooing as a way to express themselves. Some individuals, however, have difficulty with writing and speaking, and so expressing their identity through a visual medium becomes an important part of their vocabulary. For them, tattoos may be the only way that they feel comfortable showing the world who they really are.
This form of body modification is often recognized as an art form with the tattoo recipient as the artist, even if a professional drew the actual tattoo. Sculptors, painters and other artists have been known to show signs of addiction to their art forms, so it isn’t surprising that tattoo artists may also do so.
All of these factors can certainly mimic an addiction, but we must consider the ramifications of a true addiction. The individual feels compelled to engage in the behavior, neglects regular, necessary aspects of daily life like work, family or even health. In these regards, passion for tattooing diverges from more conventional addictions.


Why do we gamble

Walking into a Casino in Las Vegas is like a fairytale.

The thing you noticed there is no clock to be seen anywhere, to remind you about time, time does not exist in this place.

The lighting is dim but okay to see what you are looking at. The sound of the place is amazing light and bells that go off when somebody win.I walk around and  try to find a table whit an empty chair what is fairly hard to do, this place is humming like a bi-hive. I get a chair where the game is about to start, the dealer ask someone to (cut) the deck and we are away. The game here is to get twenty-one. I win the game, can I do this again I ask myself. I am sure you know the end of the story.

Gambling is not new by a long shot. The old Greek had their hands in the game, dice have been found and dated back to 40.000 years. The Chinese have always been gamblers what go back to 2300 B.C.

The Roman was Famously for gambling as well. Back in the Wild West Riverboats had gambling  on board.


Sugar Addiction

Can you really get hooked on sugar

Some people use sugar foods in a way that are not healthy even it may not be an actual obsession, but close to it.

Sugar fuels ewery cell in your brain, your brain also sees sugar as a reward which makes you keep eating it.

Food today are all full of sugar, and we are now sugar addict.

Labeling on food is bad, hard to read and understand.

This is from a label of Golden Syrup.

Percentage daily intakes are based on an average Adult of diet 8.700 KJ.

The average intake for women is 1,900 and for men 2.550

How does that stack up for you




Raw cows milk

Raw cows milk is a great source of calcium.

Raw milk is straight from cows to you, no chemical added or boiling water(poor) milk, you have to look after it no preservative, 2 to 3 days max in the fridge after that bin it.It only takes some people to ruin it. Doctors  Nutritionist white little understanding about raw milk can only see it is fat, and that is no good for you.

We need fat the right on in our system to survive. Another great source of fat is Bacon and egg for breakfast, that will make a great start on your day, then you can snack on fruit and whole grain later in the day.

Fact ;  Olive oil may bee less bad than #Satuated fats and trans Fats at least in Term of its impact on #Blood Lipids, That hardly makes it a ” good” or healthy addition to your Diet.


Binge Disorder

Binge eating disorder affect about 1.6% of women and 0.8% of men in a given year.

Doing they entire life up to 2% of women have binge disorder typical they begin in late childhood.

When we get older and more sedated in our life, we should eat even less again. Remember sitting around doing nothing does nothing for you.

If you are sitting more than an hour get up and stretch and walk around for some time that will help you keep your joint active.

We only need 1.500 calories a day to live a normal healthy life